On Thursday, March 23, Habitat Greensboro kicked off the future homes of Abdul, Briannca, Jurne, and Kimberly in the Willow Oaks Community. This is the second set of homes in Phase 2 of Habitat Greensboro’s construction efforts in the area.

“We are happy that you are all part of building equity, building strong communities here in Greensboro, and helping us celebrate with these families today,” said David Kolosieke, Habitat Greensboro’s CEO, greeting those in attendance.

Over the last year, Habitat Greensboro has launched two new annual events, Playhouse Project and Blueprints and Bubbly, to foster partnerships in the community and fund construction efforts. Playhouse Project brought together community teams to sponsor and build 20 playhouses that were gifted to Habitat Greensboro homeowner’s children. The team sponsorships provided the funding for Briannca’s future home.

On behalf of Playhouse Project, Dawn S. Chaney shared, “Those little ones told me how great it was that they would have a place where they could play… This is just your playhouse as a beginning vision, and your vision will be your own home someday when you get to the point where you are an owner. Today, you own the playhouse, but tomorrow you can own your own home.”

Blueprints and Bubbly, Habitat Greensboro’s annual fundraiser rebranded from Summer Bash, brought supporters from across the community together, including First Horizon Foundation, which served as the presenting sponsor for the event.

“At First Horizon Bank, we think homeownership is fundamental to a family’s sound financial foundation. We are so excited to be here and partner with Habitat Greensboro and look forward to having our teams out on the build site soon,” said Todd Williams, Triad Market President, First Horizon Bank.

VF Corporation sponsored Kimberly’s home. Whit Whitset, Vice President, Digital Technology, expressed their excitement to support Kimberly throughout her homeownership journey. “We’re so happy for Kim and look forward to working alongside her to make her dream come true. Without her dreaming and her commitment to make it happen, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Celebrating the kickoff of their homes, the future homeowners expressed their gratitude and excitement.

“This is very exciting for me. I never thought I could be a homeowner, and I’m happy Habitat actually gave me the opportunity to become a homeowner,” said Abdul.

Jurne, who graduated from UNCG as COVID-19 hit, shared her struggles over the past few years but expressed hope for the future. “Even when it felt like with the market it was going to be impossible to afford a home, through partnering with Habitat, I was able to find a way. I greatly appreciate everyone on the Habitat team and all the sponsors because now I get to realize this amazing dream.”

Briannca, who looks forward to homeownership for herself and her 7-year-old daughter Carmela, shared her motivation for becoming a homeowner. “I love the fact that Habitat is here doing this and helping people wanting to build homes.”

Kimberly also expressed her excitement about homeownership and the opportunity to help build something for someone else in the future. “It’s rewarding to help build my own home, and it’s very exciting to see how a house is built. I thank you all, and I thank God,” she said.

In Habitat Greensboro tradition, following comments and a blessing for the builds, attendees signed their well wishes on the 2x4s that will be used to frame these four homes.

Habitat Greensboro’s annual events, Playhouse Project and Blueprints and Bubbly, continue to foster partnerships within the community. Through the support of these events and the generosity of sponsors and volunteers, Habitat Greensboro can continue its mission of building equity and strong communities here in Greensboro. Through partnership, Habitat Greensboro can provide homeownership opportunities for families like Abdul, Briannca, Jurne, and Kimberly.

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