every child
deserves a stable start in a safe and secure home

Mortgage Financing

Habitat Greensboro’s mortgage program is a unique economic model designed to promote financial self-sufficiency. Through the support of volunteer construction crews, Habitat is able to offer families zero interest, no-profit mortgages that homeowners pay off over the course of 15 to 30 years. During the life of the mortgage each monthly payment is recycled into the operating budget to help finance future homes.

Financial Information

In carrying out our mission we promise to:

Diligently build a good, decent house
Prayerfully select families for homes giving consideration to: need for adequate shelter, ability to pay for the home and willingness to partner
Consistently provide a quality experience for families that will enable them to be successful homeowners
Attentively ensure that volunteers have safe and meaningful work resulting in a rewarding experience of service to God and humankind
Warmly welcome and respect people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds as partners in service
Gratefully receive contributions of cash and goods-in-kind and ensure that all resources are safeguarded and expended wisely
Intentionally offer employment that is rewarding and provides education, opportunity and a place for service to God and humankind.
We do this work as faithful servants. Everyone has something to contribute—time, talent and dollars—to alleviating poverty housing. And when people give of themselves, they receive numerous blessings.
Habitat gives a hand up, not a hand out. The “sweat equity” that Habitat families undertake ensure full participation in the process of homeownership and pride in the homes built. Volunteers, sponsors and future homeowners work side-by-side to build homes together, and also build relationships along the way. Habitat provides interest-free loans to homeowners who then make mortgage payments each month–payments that allow Habitat to build more homes.
We serve in a way that honors God’s creation. We use sustainable building materials to ensure that homeowners live in—and volunteers and staff work in—a healthy, safe environment.
We are good stewards. Every dollar we raise supports Habitat’s mission. Our ReStore operations fund construction and other costs, while also keeping usable materials out of local landfills.

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