Teresa and her family
Teresa and her family

Safety and stability are what helps families thrive and our children to be successful in the future. They are also the two things that our Habitat Greensboro homeowners seek for their own families when purchasing affordable housing.

“Before we got into our home, it was a struggle [growing up]. Having to go from place to place. But when we moved in, it was stability, happiness, and peace. It was just prosperity from then on out. That inspired me to get my own home, my sisters to finish school and get their homes, and just accomplish our goals and focus on our goals.”
– Terri, adult child of Habitat Greensboro Homeowner Teresa

After moving from rental to rental with her three daughters, Teresa knew that she wanted something better for them. She wanted to provide them with stability. When a friend told her about Habitat Greensboro, she knew she had found the answer to her prayers. She applied, was accepted, and moved into her own home before her eldest daughter graduated high school.

This stability made it possible for the family to focus on their goals, instead of being concerned with where they would live and what school the girls would transfer to next. Teresa’s focus on providing a home for her family set an example for her daughters. Her middle daughter Tiara shared, “Seeing her, inspired us. Seeing her definitely encouraged us to finish school, graduate high school and attend college to better ourselves.”

Eleven years after moving into her Habitat Greensboro home, the impact on Teresa’s family is evident. Her eldest daughter, Terri, purchased her own home and is pursuing a degree in graphic design. Her middle daughter, Tiara, graduated college with a BS in biology and purchased her own home. And, her youngest daughter, Kiyonna, has completed multiple associates and certificate programs at GTCC and is currently looking for land to build her own home.

For Teresa and her three girls, safety and stability meant that their lives were changed. A cycle of generational poverty was broken. As Teresa shared, “My daughter saw me provide stability for her and her siblings. She wanted to have stability for her children, and, hopefully, her children will have stability for their children.”

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Teresa's grandchildren
Teresa’s grandchildren