Elroyh and Afaf in front of their future home.“I will be happy every day.” These are the words that Elroyh shared as he surveyed the progress of his future home. His face radiated joy as he effusively offered thanks to the volunteers, donors, and even the country, who have helped make his dreams of owning a home a reality.

A devoted husband, father, and recent grandfather of a one-year-old granddaughter, Elroyh came to the United States from Sudan fifteen years ago after applying for a lottery VISA. Leaving his wife and two small children behind on his family’s farm, Elroyh was determined to build a better future for his family in a new country. For five years, he diligently worked, saved, and used every opportunity to improve his English. As Elroyh shared, with his outgoing personality, he talked to everyone he met to improve his language skills, which also enhanced his employability.

After five years, Elroyh was able to apply for and become a US citizen. As a citizen, he was then able to apply for VISAs for his wife and children to join him. Like Elroyh, the family also applied for citizenship as soon as they were eligible. Elroyh’s face lights up as he recounts his pride in traveling to Charlotte to attend the citizenship ceremony, sharing that he is “very proud to be an American.”

Fifteen years after moving to this country, Elroyh, who still takes every opportunity to improve his linguistic skills, is grateful for the many opportunities afforded to him and his family. With his son studying IT in college and his daughter now a mother herself, Elroyh and his wife, Afaf, look forward to filling their future home with family, food, and love.

Many thanks to Christ United Methodist Church for sponsoring Elroyh and Afaf’s future home!