Habitat Greensboro is built on the foundation of bringing people together, and with your support over the past 33 years, we’ve built over 500 homes, all with the express purpose of building homes, communities, and hope.

Today, as we all closely monitor the escalations surrounding COVID-19 and “shelter-in-place,” it is even more critical that we bring people together to support one another, even though we are apart.

All of us know that there are far too many families for whom shelter-in-place and stay-at-home aren’t as straightforward as they sound.
When a person is living in substandard or overcrowded conditions, sheltering in place only increases feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. The uncertainty that so many of us feel today, these families have felt for a lifetime — if not generations.
Many of our Habitat Greensboro homeowners and homeowners-in-process represent the front-line workers who are fulfilling essential duties in at-risk industries during this crisis. These are the individuals bagging groceries, delivering packages, preparing food, and working in hospitals.

These families need YOU more than ever.

We ask for your support on this #GivingTuesday to help ensure that everyone has a safe place to call home – individuals like Raquel (shown below), a nurse tech who is working every day to ensure that her patients are well-cared for and safe. Thanks to your support, Raquel now has her own safe, secure, and affordable home in which to raise her two children.

With your gift today, you can help ensure that other individuals like Raquel, also have a safe place to come home to.

Give Today!