Mindful shopping combined with the excitement of the hunt draws ChesKesha to satisfy her passion for bargains at Habitat Greensboro’s ReStores.

For 20 years, she has shopped the ReStore as a “single mom always looking for a deal when I was on a budget, and now I am a married mom still looking for a deal,” says the Habitat Greensboro homeowner and Board member.

At the ReStore, new merchandise arrives daily. “You never know what you’re going to find for yourself or others you love,” she says, happily explaining, “That’s what keeps me coming back.”

With her mobile phone in hand, the self-admitted bargain hunter will call friends and family when she discovers a table, chair, sofa, or appliance they may want or need. “I often take pictures and send them to my friends and family who are looking for great deals like myself,” she says, explaining, “I also like to use my pictures to brag on our ReStores here in Greensboro.”

ChesKesha maintains a sharp eye for any item to satisfy her passion for art and design. “I bought tables and desks that I have repainted and chairs that I reupholstered. Not long ago, I purchased two wrought iron stools for my front porch. They only needed a little sanding, fresh coat of black spray paint, and sealant,” she says.

Shopping at the ReStore is always a balance of want and need. Sometimes the need for an item is obvious, and at other times, wanting the joy of completing a project becomes a calling.
“So, go to the store with an open mind and a creative heart,” ChesKesha says. “And if you don’t like your project after you complete it, I am sure you can donate it back, and someone else may love it.”

Habitat Greensboro’s ReStores offer new and gently used home decor items and construction materials at great prices. Sales support Habitat Greensboro’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.