This fall, Zena will make her sixth move since relocating to Greensboro in 2002. Thanks to your support, this will be the last time she will need to pack her apartment, move her belongings, and transfer her son to a different school. This time, Zena moves into a safe, stable, and permanent home for herself and her son.

Zena is already starting to pack up a few things in her apartment in anticipation of move-in day! Thanks to your support, she celebrated the dedication of her home on September 9. In just a few weeks, she’ll attend her closing for her home.

“I’ve already started packing up a few things in my apartment and can’t wait to get there! I was just out working on the yard last week, helping to lay bricks around the front yard beds, and can’t believe we’re going to have our own yard with flowers and plants. It really feels like a home when you see how nice the yard looks now.”

For the past several years, Zena has been sharing a bathroom with her son, Zaire. She’s looking forward to having her own bathroom, and Zaire says he can’t wait to decorate his room. “I want to buy him some new bedroom furniture and will eventually buy him a new mattress, dresser, and bedside table, but I’m still working on my budget and don’t want to move too fast with spending. I’m going to be saving so much money since my mortgage will be much less than my current rent. I know I need to put that in savings since my car is having some problems and I may need to trade it in. And, I’ll definitely be shopping at the ReStore for his new mattress and hope to find some good deals on his bedroom furniture there too.”

Zena has been working hard to finish up her Sweat Equity hours before she closes on her home. She’s met so many great volunteers while working on other Habitat homes and is grateful to all of the volunteers who have helped build her home. “I just can’t wait to wake up that first morning and go out and sit on my front porch to drink my coffee and just take all of it in.”