Robert and Bryson“In life, no matter what comes your way, you have to stay strong and do what’s right.”

When you meet Robert, you meet a kind, caring, and reserved man. Bryson, his young son, is all smiles and perfect manners, and the two are clearly an inseparable pair. What you do not, and will not, see when you meet these two are the immense struggles they have overcome.

Five years ago, Robert lost his home to foreclosure when choices had to be made between medical treatment and housing. With medical bills mounting as his wife battled cancer, difficult choices had to be made. Unfortunately, Robert and Bryson ultimately lost a beloved family member and their home.

Not one to dwell on his loss, Robert has persevered and says he was happy to be accepted into Habitat’s program so that he can again provide a home for his son. As for Bryson, he’s all smiles and says he’s looking forward to chores as his new home!

Thank you to our Build Sponsor:

The Bruggeworth Family Foundation

     Robert and Bryson     Robert and Bryson

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