For Adil, the school lottery meant more than the “Mega Millions Jackpot” advertised on television. It meant the chance for a better life for both him and his family. Adil’s school lottery “win” meant the opportunity to fulfill a dream by moving to America from his home country of Morocco and becoming a US citizen.

With school complete and a stable job, Adil could have his wife join him in his new country and begin a family. As their family has grown to include their two-year-old daughter Lina and newborn son Ali, Adil’s American Dream was almost completed.

Adil shared that he has “always wanted to own a home.” With the rising cost of rent creating a cost burden for the family, they turned to Habitat Greensboro to pursue homeownership.

Through Habitat Greensboro’s Homeownership Program, Adil, his wife Bouchra, their young daughter Lina, and their son Ali, will soon know the joy of homeownership.

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