Over the last 30 years, Habitat Greensboro has placed 465 families into affordable homes in our community and 429 internationally. Habitat homeowners have paid over $3 million in taxes, and Habitat has offered 500+ educational classes for homeowner success. As we honor 30 years of service to our community, we also look forward to the future. This year is jam-packed full of celebrations and new ventures.

·       Building a 30th Anniversary House in 30 days

·       Rock the Block Repair Event

·       Summer Bash One Night – One House special event

·       New mission trip opportunity to Kenya

·       Opening a 2nd Restore

·       Joining with community partners to create the first ever Housing Hub.

We are indebted to those who founded Habitat Greensboro and we are determined to carry the mission forward.  2017 will be the foundation of Habitat Greensboro’s next 30 years of transformation and innovation.  We could not do this work without our dedicated volunteers, donors, and homeowners.  We believe that together, one family at a time, we can build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Here are a few things we have planned in 2017 to celebrate Habitat’s 30th Year Anniversary:

  • In 2017, Habitat will build our 30th anniversary house that we will construct in 30 days.
  • In this 30th year, we will repair 30 homes in Habitat neighborhoods.
  • We will celebrate 30 classes we teach, 30 things of which we are most proud, and 30 things we have learned (we call that “Oops 30.1”!)
  • We will continue our mission work in Honduras and expand our international reach by adding Kenya, one of the poorest countries in the world, as our tithe partner.
  • Habitat’s ReStore recycles over 1,200 tons of building materials annually, keeping it out of landfills, and generating over $300,000 each year to build houses. We plan to double that
  • by opening a second ReStore this year.
  • On August 25, we will hold our second Summer Bash, where we build: “One Night, One House”
  • In November, we will partner once again with Greensboro Builder’s Association for Raising Roofs, building 5 homes in 5 days, making that 60 homes we have built together since 2003.
  • One thing that Habitat is especially excited about as we enter this 30th anniversary year are our partnerships. Working with:
    • Community Housing Solutions and executive Gene Brown,
    • Greensboro Housing Coalition and Brett Byerly,
    • The Servant’s Center and Shanna Reece,
    • Housing Consultants Group and Sofia Crisp,
    • Partnership Homes and Mike Cooke, as well as
    • Tiny Houses and Scott Jones

Together we are thrilled to announce that these organizations are finalizing details to open a Housing Hub in Greensboro in 2017, with all 7 housing non-profits housed together in one building. Imagine what a difference a one-stop-shop for affordable housing will mean for our city.  Consider how our 7 organizations can collaborate more effectively, cross-pollinate more efficiently, and dream more visionary and innovative ideas, as we are housed together.   We believe this Housing Hub will be a model of collaboration for other non-profits in our city, as well as a housing model for cities across our nation to emulate….with Greensboro leading the way.

Maria Hanlin