On Saturday, February 18, Habitat Greensboro celebrated the Home Dedication for Tamara. This home was the last of five homes built in the Lincoln Heights community in partnership with the City of Greensboro and with North Carolina Disaster Recovery Funds.

The sun’s rays shone brightly upon those assembled. Yet, they were eclipsed by the joy radiating from Tamara as she tearfully shared her gratitude for the opportunity to purchase her own home. As she offered her thanks, Tamara shared, “It has been a journey, but with [Habitat Greensboro], they made everything so wonderful. They made us feel like we are accomplishing something. Have you ever thought about when a baby’s getting dedicated, how they give the baby back to God, and how they have this big ceremony? This is how I feel about my house. It’s like a ceremony with upstanding people who helped me, who say you can do it. You can do it because we work hard to be successful people in America, and I’m so grateful for Habitat, especially the construction workers who work hand in hand to bring things together. At the kickoff, it was just a frame. Now everything was brought together. It’s so beautiful that everybody brought it together in unity. Thank you so much.”

Habitat Greensboro’s Home Dedications represent months of hard work on the part of future homeowners. As David Kolosieke, Habitat Greensboro President and CEO, shared at today’s event, “Over these last many months, Tamara has demonstrated the responsibility and the work ethic. To put the time in the classroom, put the time in the hours building homes with others, participating with the volunteers and the staff to build her own home here. So today is our ceremonial passing of the stewardship of the building process, representing our confidence in you and the responsibility you’ve demonstrated up to this point. We’re very proud of you for what you’ve accomplished. And we are proud to be able to count you among the Habitat Homeowners here in this community. As we transfer that stewardship to you, we want you to know that even though we won’t be leading the process with you going forward, we are going to be here as a support during that period when you’ll be paying this mortgage off over those next 20 or 30 years. We are going to be here for you should you need us. But at this point, we’re confident enough to say you’re ready for this next step in your journey. And we’re so happy to be here to celebrate with you today.”

Tamara’s journey to homeownership is nearly complete. In the coming weeks, she will work with Habitat Greensboro’s Homeownership Department to complete her pre-closing process before signing the paperwork and officially becoming a homeowner. Over the next 20-30 years, she will pay an affordable mortgage, providing her with the safety and stability that only a home can provide.

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