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Partnerships are the foundation of Habitat Greensboro’s work in the community. Partnerships with future homeowners, generous donors, committed volunteers, and the City of Greensboro. Over the past year, Habitat Greensboro’s work showcased all four of these critical partnerships as building efforts focused on the Lincoln Heights and Willow Oaks communities.

Of the work in Lincoln Heights, Ruthie Richardson-Robinson, Habitat Greensboro COO, shared, “The opportunity to work in conjunction with the City of Greensboro to rebuild the Lincoln Heights neighborhood is both an honor and a privilege. The Lincoln Heights neighborhood is a long-standing jewel in the fabric of East Greensboro. We feel obligated to do our part in restoring homes and dreams lost to the tornado in 2018. When our restoration efforts are completed, we will leave the community with five new homes and five new families joining the established subdivision.”

Along with their three children, Michael and Cassandra are just one of the new families who joined the Lincoln Heights neighborhood as new Habitat Greensboro homeowners. When asked what this means to her, Cassandra shared, “This home is the evidence of strong faith, endurance, and staying encouraged during the process. It’s a dream come true because you always want a place where your kids can grow up.”

In addition to the five homes in Lincoln Heights, Habitat Greensboro also partnered with the City of Greensboro to complete an initial six homes in Willow Oaks as a part of the City’s redevelopment efforts. Regarding this work, Mayor Nancy Vaughan shared, “It is always a pleasure, being on City Council when we can do something like this because we know what a change it makes, not only in the individual and family’s life but a change to the neighborhood. This is an opportunity for a neighborhood to grow and a family to gain generational wealth.”

Expressing his gratitude for this opportunity at his home’s dedication, future Habitat Greensboro homeowner Didier shared, “When you dream by yourself, it’s a dream. When you start to share your dream with somebody, you start your life, and it’s the beginning of reality … Today is the most beautiful day of our life.”

Working together, we have made a significant impact. As Councilwoman Sharon Hightower shared at a recent Habitat Greensboro Home Dedication, “We recognize that homeownership is key to the stability of our neighborhoods. It is an investment not only in the community but an investment in yourself and your family … Every day when you come home, you have the key to your peace of mind.”

Willow Oaks   Willow Oaks   Willow Oaks

Thanks to the support of individuals, businesses, faith communities, and the City, eleven families now have the opportunity to realize their dreams of homeownership and to create better lives for themselves and their children.

In the coming year, partnership plans continue in Willow Oaks and Ole Asheboro, the community where Habitat Greensboro built our first home in 1988. With our 35th anniversary of that build in 2023, we remain committed to neighborhood revitalization, housing equity, and building in partnership.

With the continued support of generous donors, committed volunteers, and the City, we look forward to building homes, communities, and hope for families in Greensboro.

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