building an equitable community together
a message from our ceo

This fall is a particularly challenging time, as many return to school both in-person and online. Fortunately, thanks to your support, Habitat homeowners have a decent and affordable place to call home.

Lately, our local news has focused on the need to address a severe shortage of affordable housing. Articles have covered the City’s shift in priority to permanent housing, with a recommended $50 million 10-year plan to renovate inadequate housing, increase homeownership, and assist developers in building affordable apartments. Since our founding in 1987, we have actively supported increased access to affordable housing. We welcome this focus and look forward to expanding our partnerships to serve the community better.

In response to the national focus on racial equity, local community conversations are taking place to begin short-term and long-term action to resolve issues related to race, equity, justice, and economic mobility. We have an opportunity to participate in significant systemic change. As our homeownership process requires a need, a willingness to partner, and an ability to pay, so too will our efforts on racial equity. Through advocacy at the local, state, and federal level, Habitat Greensboro strives to increase equity by ensuring that affordable homeownership is attainable in our community.

In Partnership,

David Kolosieke
President & CEO