Didi, Christine, Myriam-Deborah, and ChrisHabitat Greensboro dedicated its second of six homes to be built in the Willow Oaks community on Tuesday, February 22.

Rosalind Simpson, Director of Homeowner Services & Neighborhood Outreach, shared, “I would like to think that the rain means showers of blessings.” Indeed the day was filled with joyful blessings as Didier and Christine and their children Chris and Myriam-Deborah, celebrated the dedication of their future home.

Greeting those in attendance, Councilwoman Sharon Hightower shared, “Homeownership is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. Every day when you come home, you have the key to your peace of mind.”

Habitat Greensboro is partnering with the City of Greensboro to complete an initial six homes in Willow Oaks as a part of the City’s redevelopment efforts. Strong community partnerships and generous financial and volunteer contributions make this work possible. Acknowledging this home’s financial sponsors, Christine Byrd, Director of Development and Communication, shared “this build would not be possible without the generous support of our build partners who provide the catalyst funding for home construction. Thank you to the City of Greensboro for allowing us to partner in Willow Oaks. And, thank you to Replacements, Ltd. Founder and CEO Bob Page and the support the company so generously gives. We are so grateful for this third full home sponsorship.”

The importance of home was reiterated by Bob Page, who shared, “At Replacements, we know a thing or two about how important a home is, a place with a table to share a meal and make memories that last a lifetime. Everyone deserves an affordable and safe home. We’re grateful to be able to work with Habitat for Humanity and help build a better community, one home at a time.” This home was given to celebrate Replacements, Ltd.’s 40th anniversary and represents the 12th home with which the company has been involved.

Expressing his gratitude for this opportunity, future Habitat Greensboro homeowner Didier shared, “When you dream by yourself, it’s a dream. When you start to share your dream with somebody, you start your life, and it’s the beginning of reality … Today is the most beautiful day of our life.”

After years of hard work, Didier and Christine’s dreams for their family are nearly complete. The dream of brighter opportunities led future Habitat homeowner Didier to come to the U.S. via the Visa Lottery system. When he arrived in Greensboro, Didier worked two food service jobs to save the money to bring his wife, Christine, over to join him. He walked daily to each job for the first two years because he lacked a driver’s license and vehicle.

Didier now works full-time as a CNA with a local hospital and part-time at a medical office. The couple welcomed two beautiful children, Chris and Myriam-Deborah, to their family. Just one dream remained. Says Didier, “It’s my dream to have a home where everyone will have their own space, especially my two children. It will allow them to learn the responsibility of taking care of their part of our home.” With the dedication of their home, Didier’s dream is nearly complete.

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