Rmah Family 2017

Since we last saw the Rmah family at the dedication of their home in September of 2017, they have continued to make their house the home for which they had longed. Their seven children are very focused on their education, with 4 of the oldest children currently in college, two at Page High School, and their youngest is in middle school.

“My siblings and I are trying our very best to learn and get the education that our parents did not receive when they were our age. We try our best to get good grades in school and mostly aim for A’s and B’s. In the village where we grew up, the majority of the people there did not know how to write and read. Therefore my parents push us to try our best to learn, to open up new opportunities and adventures,” says Po Rmah.

Po is studying Early Childhood Education and Spanish at Western Carolina University. Her goal is to work with young children at the Newcomers School in Greensboro. Po and her sister Sama applied and received funds from Habitat’s Small Wonders Scholarship program to help pay for college. Sama is currently enrolled at UNCG, where she is majoring in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. She hopes one day to join the Peace Corps and work overseas.

Rmah Family 2020

“Since we moved into the house, I feel like the financial weight for my family, mostly that my parents carried, got lighter. My parents don’t have to keep worrying about finding a living space that would allow nine people to lease. They’re not stressed about not having enough money for other things because rent is too expensive. Before we moved into our home, my older siblings and I would work to pay for college and save up for college. Now, we can work less hours and focus more on our academics,” shared Po.

Sama and Po agree that their favorite part of their home is their backyard. “I think I’m speaking for everyone in my family when I say the garden is everyone’s favorite part about our house. The backyard reminds me of my childhood memories of climbing the trees. When we first moved in, the garden was just a small section in the backyard and on the side of the house. My parents have expanded the garden to almost three times its original size! Way in the back of our house, my oldest brother and dad built a fireplace, and we spend many evenings enjoying cooking out there and enjoying seeing our garden. The backyard garden is a ‘blessed gift’ that reminds us to be appreciative of life because we get to live and experience both American and Montagnard culture.”


Thank you to the Greensboro Bar Association for partnering with the Rmah family and Habitat Greensboro. If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring a home with Habitat Greensboro, please contact Christine Byrd via email at cbyrd@hhgg.org or Marian Ragsdale via email at mragsdale@hhgg.org.