Playhouse Project

Friday, October 14 – Saturday, October 15, 2022 | Habitat Greensboro Gate City ReStore

a playhouse for your family

Playhouses provide a secret world where children can use their imagination to foster development, leadership, and creativity. Playhouses are built by Habitat Greensboro’s corporate and community partners and offered to children and grandchildren of Habitat Greensboro homeowners.

We are looking for families that would like to receive a personalized playhouse from Habitat Greensboro and our generous partners. Habitat Greensboro shares a vision of empowerment through shelter and is proud to provide a home for your child’s imagination!

If you are interested in receiving a playhouse through this program, please complete the application below.

Playhouse Application

Would your child or grandchild love a playhouse? Are you a Habitat Greensboro homeowner? If so, we invite you to apply to receive a Habitat Greensboro Playhouse! Please read through this application to see if a playhouse is right for your family.

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parent information

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Playhouses are wooden and measure 4' x 5' x 6'.

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