Habitat Greensboro is committed to working in partnership to support our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. That partnership takes many forms – partnerships with our homebuyers, volunteers, donors, corporate and community partners, and with the City of Greensboro.

In the heart of the Willow Oaks community lies a testament to the power of collaboration. Back in 2000, the City of Greensboro developed the Willow Oaks Neighborhood Plan, a bold initiative to revitalize formerly known as Morningside and Lincoln Grove. The neighborhood’s vision is clear: “Willow Oaks is one of the most desired places to live in Greensboro, providing an affordable home in an attractive environment for everyone from young families to seniors.”

In close collaboration with the City of Greensboro, future homeowners, generous community donors, and countless volunteers, Habitat Greensboro proudly constructed eleven homes in Willow Oaks during the initial phase of the City’s revitalization project. In 2019, as the City of Greensboro renewed its commitment to redevelopment, Habitat Greensboro took the lead, swiftly commencing construction and successfully delivering six new single-family homes by 2022. Building upon this momentum, 2023 saw the completion of four additional single-family residences, alongside the initiation of construction for two pairs of twin homes. Through partnership, the lives of twenty-five families were forever transformed!

During the heartfelt dedication ceremony for the recently completed homes, Habitat Greensboro Board member Ben Brown shared, “The beauty of Habitat is everybody plays a working part, including the families. Some people don’t realize that families spend sweat equity, as we call it. In other words, they’re putting the hours in to build their own home. Once that’s done, they pay the mortgage … We have wonderful families … hardworking, committed, have a good vision for their lives, and a good plan to raise their kids in a safe environment and to do good things in life.”

Our commitment to empowering future homeownership is supported by the strong bonds within our community. Through meaningful partnerships with businesses, faith groups, and civic organizations, we see the support that uplifts individuals and families alike. Each donation, whether financial or through hands-on volunteering at our build sites, serves as a cornerstone in our mission to catalyze life-changing transformations and cultivate hopeful tomorrows.

Chad Chimiak, Vice President of Pella Windows & Doors of NC and Southwest Virginia, shared, “Pella’s been part of Habitat for about ten years. And I learned a long time ago it’s not a handout. It’s a hand-up. It’s so many people working together for this, including the homeowners, and that’s incredible to see. Homeownership is a dream of so many people. To live in a safe, affordable community and to raise a family is priceless. Our mission statement at Pella is to improve the lives of those we serve. And I think Habitat stands for that 100%.”

Habitat Greensboro’s future homebuyers echoed these sentiments, with a joyous April sharing, “I just want to say that this means a lot to me. It is heartwarming to see that everyone came together for me to accomplish this goal of mine.” Having grown up in what is now Willow Oaks but was previously Morningside Homes, April further shared, “It’s good to be able to come back home. So, I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed, who sponsored, who volunteered, who donated their time.”