Finances have always been tight for Martha and David, but somehow Martha always made her family feel that they had everything they needed. As their granddaughter, Jani, shared at the family’s home kick-off, Martha would miraculously stretch each paycheck to cover rent and groceries, but with little remaining.

Unfortunately, the family suffered a significant financial setback when David’s health began to decline. So significant was the decline that he could not work. Martha had a great full-time job and had to resign to care for her husband. In 2011, David was finally diagnosed with MS. This diagnosis meant that the family’s income would continue to be limited, as he could not return to his prior employment.

With a significant reduction in their income, the family was forced to move into a substandard rental unit that doesn’t provide the accessibility David needs in his wheelchair. When Martha learned about Habitat Greensboro through an article in Que Pasa, she saw it as an answer to their prayers.

Purchasing a home from Habitat Greensboro will be life-changing for this family as their future home will meet all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. David will be able to maneuver his wheelchair from room to room easily and safely, and have access to a handicapped bathroom.

Thanks to the Greensboro Bar Association, David and his wife Martha will soon move into an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant Habitat Greensboro home. Their two grandchildren, Jani and Juan, will be living with them and are so excited that their grandparents will finally have a home that will enable David to be comfortable and for everyone in the family to have their own space.