every woman
has the power to change the world

What is ‘Voice of Women’ Training?

Voice of Women is a leadership training initiative designed for women homeowners in partner families. The initiative was developed by the Women Build program at Habitat for Humanity International.

Training is designed to provide women homeowners with leadership skills and structure to affect positive change in their neighborhoods and communities.

This six-part training series is designed to help women in partner families take ownership and to work effectively with neighbors and community leaders. This training series was developed to provide women homeowners in partner families with a framework to exercise an active ‘voice’ in civic, political, educational, and social workings within their communities.

Training Series Modules

Gaining Confidence through Strengthening Core Competencies
Leadership Presentation Skills
Effective Meetings with Neighbors, Community Leaders and Law Enforcement
Collaborating for Neighborhood Improvement Results
Facilitation Skills for Effective Neighborhood Meetings
Project Management for Successful Neighborhood Transformation